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题目:新大科学和历史学家对数字化工具的需要(The New Big Science and the Need for Historians to use Digital Tools

报告人简介:罗伯特·克里兹(Robert P. Crease),现为美国纽约州立大学石溪分校(Stony Brook University)哲学系教授、系主任,Physics in PerspectiveSpringer)共同主编。主要著作有《The Second Creation》《Making Physics》《J. Robert Oppenheimer: A Life》《The Quantum Moment》《World in the Balance》以及最新的著作《The Workshop and the World》。

讲座简介:A phase transition has taken place in large-scale materials science research.  This phase transition, which has been called the New Big Science, has been accompanied by important changes in the character and culture of research ecosystems.  It also poses special problems for those who study science. This talk is about the New Big Science, what makes it difficult to study, and how digital tools might help solve problems faced by scholars of science.




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